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Flags, Banners, Cuff Titles & Armbands


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Flags Banners Cuff Titles Arm Bands


Description Pic 1 Pic 2   Description Pic 1 Pic 2
DAF Honour Flag   Luftwaffe Commander Flag
Navy Admiral Flag No Pic   Navy Grand Admiral Flag
Naval Flag   SS Base Camp Flag
State Service Flag   Panzer Air ID Flag


Description Pic 1 Pic 2   Description Pic 1 Pic 2
HJ Jungfolk Banner   Hitler Youth Banner
Hitler Youth Banner   NSDAP Banner No Pic
Podium Banner No Pic   Reunion Banner No Pic
SS Podium Banner No Pic   Luftwaffe Drum Skirt
Luftwaffe Herman Goring CIC   Luftwaffe Trumpet Banner
Navy Trumpet Banner   NSKK Trumpet Banner
NSDAP Trumpet Banner   Army Standarte
DAF Standarte   Printed Furher Standarte
Luftwaffe Standarte   NSBA Standarte
NSDAP Ost Group Standarte   SA Standarte

Cuff Titles

Description Pic 1 Pic 2   Description Pic 1 Pic 2
Africa Korps   Herman Goring Division NCO
Africa Korps   Herman Goring Land Police
Algemeine SS Unit 8   Luftwaffe Udet Division
Condor legion   Prince Eugen Division
Condor legion 1936   SA Stabwache
Factory Protection   SS 21st Division - Skanderbeg
Falschimjager 1939   1942 SS Panzer Police
Falschimjager NOC   SS Algemeine Sturmbahn
Forest Protection   SS Florian Geyer Cavalry
18th Panzer Division SS Horst Wessel   SS Panzer Grenadier - The Fuhrer
SS Police Division   SS Reichsfuhrer 16th Panzer Division
SS Totenkopf Thurigen   Customs Guard
SA HQ Staff Guard   Hitler Jungen
Feldherrnhalle   17th Panzer Division
Liebstandart Adolf Hitler        

Arm Bands

Description Pic 1 Pic 2   Description Pic 1 Pic 2
NSDAP Einsatssturm Gau leader
German Student league   Kries Leader
Meeting Supervisor   NSDAP Felt Swastica
NSDAP Sewn Ends   NSDAP Reichleiter Leader
SS Armband   State Service