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Asistant Forrester

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Asistant Forrester

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Etched Blade

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Senior Forrester

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Senior Forrester & Swastica

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Etched Blade

Organisation Information - National Forestry Service (Reichsforstdienst)

The National Forestry Service was in existence well before the 3rd Reich came into being. It was organized to control and preserve the large areas of national forests in Germany, including the local wild life. The Forestry Service was charged with managing the gaming laws and hunting regulations in the forest areas, similar to game wardens in the USA. 

The policing of the forests was delegated to foresters who were fully trained and employed by the government in their full time roles. In some areas, large land owners were made to hire the foresters services to protect their lands from poachers. The forestry services were organized by regional and district areas.

During the 3rd Reich, Herman Goring was made head of both the National Hunting Association and the National Forestry Services.

Dagger Information - National Forestry Service (Reichsforstdienst)

The dress knifes and cutlass of the National Forestry Services had been in use well before the 3rd Reich and continue even today. There were two basic types of cutlass, one for the Assistant Forester and one for the Senior Forester.

Both of the cutlass's are classed as rare and priced accordingly. 

Assistant Foresters Cutlass

This cutlass was authorized for wear by all forester rangers and management officials. Since there was no official standards of production for this cutlass there were many variations from many different manufacturers. The common features of the cutlass were 

1)... Gold metal fittings

2)... A knuckle bow

3)... A clamshell

4)... An etched blades with hunting scenes

The Assistant Forester Cutlass had a stag horn grip, usually with acorn motifs fixed onto it.

The blade length varied from manufacturer to manufacturer and normally covered in etched hunting scenes. No motto was added. 

The hanger was a brown or black leather frog. The Portapee was solid green and wrapped around the frog.

A black leather sheath with metal fittings at the top and bottom was normally used for the scabbard.

Senior Foresters Cutlass

This cutlass was authorized for wear by Chief Rangers and Forest Administration Officials.

As with the assistant foresters cutlass, it was authorized for wear prior to the 3rd Reich and continued during its existence. All the features outlined for the Assistant Foresters Cutlass apply to this dagger with the exception that the cutlass could be purchased with a white cellular or ivory grip.

A silver knot with green stripes was authorized by Chief rangers, a gold  knot with green stripes was authorized for officials above the grade of Oberlandforster.