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Organisation Information - Government Officia

While the diplomats reported directly to Ribbentrop, the Government officials were concerned with internal government administration and were ultimately responsible to the Minister of the Interior, Himmler. As the German expansion took place during the war, other General Government Departments arose in occupied countries that controlled the local civil populations. These departments controlled routine civil functions as well as organising labour for the German war effort in their areas.

The Nazi Government operated 14 other ministries.

          Ministry of Armaments & War Production         Ministry of War

          Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs                      Ministry of Economics

          Ministry of Finance                                       Ministry of Air Transport

          Ministry of Labour                                        Ministry of Post & Communications

         Ministry of Public Enlightenment                       Ministry of Transport

         Ministry of Science, Education & Culture           Ministry of Justice

         Ministry of Food, Agriculture & Fisheries            Ministry of the Interior

Dagger Information – Government Official

The Government Official dagger was introduced in March 1939 for senior personnel of the foreign office and officer grade civil servants attached to Government ministries.

The dagger was identical to the Diplomatic dagger except that the eagle’s face pointed to the viewers left, the opposite of the Diplomatic dagger.

The hanger was of grey – blue with dual velvet straps aluminium facings and grey – blue edge strips. Square buckles with oak leaf motif were used on the hanger.

A Diplomatic style Portapee was worn to complete the accoutrements. It’s very common to find this style dagger with an Army style portepee.

The dagger ceased production in mid 1942

For more information on the dagger characteristics, please refer to the Dagger Information section on the Diplomatic Officer Dagger.

Edited by Bruce Petrin