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Hitler Youth DJ 

(Deutsche Jungvolk)


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Organisation Information - Deutsche Jungvolk (DJ)

The Hitler Youth were divided into youth organizations based upon age and sex. The Hitler Youth DJ (Deutsche Jungvolk) was for German males from the age of 8 to 14 years old. When the members of the DJ reach the age of 14 they transferred into the Hitler Youth where they learned more military skills in preparation for conscription into the Wehrmacht.

Dagger Information - Deutsche Jungvolk knife

The DJ knife was a smaller version of the HJ knife. The fittings were made from aluminium and black, chequered bakelite grips were used on each side of the handle.

No HJ logo was used as an inlay on the grip, the scabbard usually had the HJ logo on the obverse side.

No motto was engraved or etched onto the blade. The blade was about 20 cm (7.9 inch) long and had a more pointed look to the tip than the normal HJ knife, without a ricasso.

The scabbard was similar in design to the standard HJ knife and painted black.