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German National Hunting Association Knife

(Reichsbund Deutsche Jagershaft)


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Deluxe Hunting knife

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Deluxe Hunting knife


Organisation Information - German National Hunting Association

The German National Hunting Association was in existence before the Nazi party and the 3rd Reich. Its main function was to conserve, regulate, control and organize hunting through out Germany and its extensive forests and land. 

Extensive regulations were controls were policed and managed through the German National Hunting Association.

Herman Goring was eventually appointed as its head and given the title of National Hunt Master. This suited Herman Goring has hunting was a favorite pastime of his. 

Similar organizations are in operation through out Germany today.

Dagger Information - German National Hunting Association Knife

The Hunting Association Knife was in existence before the 3rd Reich and authorized for wear by any member of the association. As each hunting club had its own regulations, the hunting knives can vary if fittings, etchings and blade length. 

Two basic knives were purchased by members, adopted in 1936.

Standard Hunting Knife

The metal fittings of the hilt and scabbard are either nickel silver or nickel plated.

The cross guard has recurved dears hooves at each end with a large protruding clamshell fitted below the cross guard . The oval pommel is normally decorated with oak leaves.

The grip is made from stag horn with the associations insignia, a dears heads with a swastika between the antlers, inserted in the grip center on the obverse side.

The 40 cm (19.3 inch) blade can be either plain or etched with hunting scenes and motifs

The scabbard is made from metal and covered in green leather. On the upper cross guard fitting, an extension in the shape of an acorn was used to hold the scabbard in position when used with a leather frog holder.

A green leather frog was used as the hanger and a gold and silver Portapee was worn wrapped around the frog by professional hunters only. 

Deluxe Hunting Knife

The deluxe version of the Hunting Knife followed the same style as the standard knife but was shorter in length and was much more ornate. The hilt fittings were heavily decorated with raised oak leaves and the plain fluted clam shell of the standard knife was decorated with the German Auerhahn dear. 

The blade was about 34 cm (13.4 inch) in length.

The lower scabbard fittings were normally engraved with a hunting scene.

A green leather frog was used to hang the knife from the belt and a gold a silver Portapee was worn by professional hunters.