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Kriegsmarine Flottenngebleiter F2



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 Special thanks to Michael Emmerich of for the use of images and information in this section.


F2 as torpedo recovery vessel 1940



The Flottenbegleiter F2 was used in the 1st Geleitflotille after being commissioned.  Put out of service in April 1939 to be rebuild to a torpedo recovery vessel,
but reconstruction was stopped on 01.04.1940. F2 then was then attached to the 25th U-Flottilla and recommissioned on 06.04.1940. During its time as a torpedo recovery vessel, all of its 10,5 cm guns were removed. In June 1944, the Flottenbegleiter was again used in its original role, as part of the 5th Geleitflotille (Escort flotilla), it was used in the eastern part of the Baltic Sea.

Taken over by Britain after the war and transferred to Scapa Flow. Anchoring at a buoy, the ship sunk in a storm on 30.12.1946 at 5850'46"N/0311'30"E. The wreck broke into two pieces. Sold for scrap in 1967 and partly scrapped after that, but parts were still existing in 1989.


Construction Data Dimensions Commanders
Laid down:     Germaniawerft Kiel, 1934
Launched:     01.03.1935
Commissioned:     15.12.1935
Fate:     scrapped 1947 (France)
Size (Max):     1028 t (1147 t since 1940)
Length (Total):     75,94 m (80,20 since 1940)
Length (Waterline):     73,50 m (74,80 m since 1940)
Beam:     8,8 m
Draft:     3,24 m
Crew:     113



Armour and Aircraft

Engines & Performance

10,5 cm L/45:     2
3,7 cm L/83:     4 (until 1950)
2 cm Flak:     2 (7 since 1945)
Depth Charge Launcher:     2 + 2
Shafts:     2
Turbines:     2
Type:     Geared Turbines
Total Performance:     16993 shp (14000 since 1940)
Speed:     28 kn (21 kn since 1940)
Range:     1965 sm at 13 kn

Operational History