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Flugzeugträger B- Aircraft Carrier


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 Special thanks to Michael Emmerich of for the use of images and information in this section.

Flugzeugträger Graf Zeppelin (projected appearance)


The Graf Zeppelins sister ship, the Flugzeugträger "B" was laid down at the Krupp Germaniawerft in Kiel in autumn of 1938, but construction was stopped on 19.09.1939. At this time, the ship was already completed up to the armor deck. On 28.02.1940, it was started to scrap the ship in the shipyard, which lasted 4 monthes.

One possible, but unconfirmed name for this ship was Peter Strasser .


Construction Data Dimensions Commanders
Laid down:     Germaniawerft Kiel, 1938
Launched:     01.07.1940 (planned)
Fate:     incomplete ship scrapped 28.02.1940
Costs:     92,4 Mio Reichsmark
Size (Max):     23200 t
Length (Total):     262,5 m
Length (Flightdeck):     244,5 m
Beam:     27,0 m
Draft:     7,6 m





Armour and Aircraft

Engines & Performance

15 cm  SK L/50:     16
10,5 cm L/50:     12
3,7 cm L/83 C/30:     22
2 cm MG L/65:     28
Deck:     60 mm (max)
Belt:     100 mm (max)
Command Tower:     150 mm (max)
Me 109 T:     4
Ju 87 C:     13
Fi 167:     20
Shafts:     4
Turbines:     4
Type:     BBC geared turbines
Total Performance:     200000 shp
Speed:     35 kn
Range:     8000 miles at 19 kn

Operational History