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Kriegsmarine Destroyer

Z9 - Wolfgang Zenker 1934a



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 Special thanks to Michael Emmerich of for the use of images and information in this section.



Named after LzS Wolfgang Zenker who got killed while defending the Imperial Flag on board of the battleship König during the political unrest of the crew in November 1918.




Construction Data Dimensions Commanders
Laid down:     Germaniawerft Kiel, 23.03.1935
Launched:     27.03.1936
Commissioned:     02.07.1938
Fate:     scuttled on 13.04.1940
Costs:     13,4 Mio Reichsmark
Size (Max):     3190 t
Length (Total):     121,0 m
Length (Waterline):     116,0 m
Beam:     11,3 m
Draft:     4,23 m
Crew:     325
KK/FK Pönitz:     Dec 1938 - Apr 1940



Armour and Aircraft

Engines & Performance

12,7 cm L/45 C/36:     5
3,7 cm L/83 C/30:     4
2 cm MG L/65 C/30:     6
53,3 cm Torpedo tubes:     8
Mines:     60
Shafts:     2
Turbines:     2
Type:     Wagner Geared Turbines

Operational History

Wolfgang Zenker was part of the 6st destroyer division at the outbreak of the war, operating in the Baltic Sea near Danzig and later transferred to the North Sea after the Polnish campaign. The ship took part in two mining operations in British coastal waters.

During Operation Weserübung  the Wolfgang Zenker was part of the Kriegsschiffgruppe 1 heading for Narvik and scuttled on 13.04.1940 in the Rombakkenfjord near Narvik after a battle with British destroyers because she was out of ammo and fuel.