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National Political Educational Institute [Nationalpoltische Erziehungsanstalt (NPEA)]

In April in 1933, Dr Bernard Rust, Minister for Science, Education and Culture, set up the first of a number of special residential institutions to train the future Nazi elite.

They were termed National Political Education Institute [Nationalpoltische Erziehungsanstalt (NPEA)]. 3 schools were opened in 1933, 5 in 1934, 8 in 1935. Favorite locations were old Army cadet schools, requisitioned monasteries and refurbished castles.

The motto of the NPEA was "Mehr sein als scheinen" which translated means "Be modest but always excel". The training was designed to prepare the Nazi elite with the necessary skills and ideology to act as a leader in state departments or the Army.

Each school enrolled about 400 students, of which about only 100 students were successful. Education covered a strong academic curriculum with a strong emphasis on physical training. In addition to the political curriculum, instruction was given in marksmanship, boxing, horsemanship, sailing, gliding and military science. Age of students was from 10 to 18 years old.

Students were grouped in Army style companies and platoons with the teachers wearing uniforms and holding military style ranks.

Supervision of the NPEA (or NAPOLA) school system was placed in the hands of the SS after which loyalty to Himmler was a compulsory requirement of all tutors.

Female students were admitted into the NPEA in 1941 with the foundation of the first all girl school. 3 NPEA schools were established in occupied countries for the Nazi education of Nordic non-German youths.

The leaders and instructors for the school system were taken from the ranks of the SS and SA.

 Daggers were introduced under the SS management as part of uniform wear.

The number of institutions continued to expand and stood at 40 in 1945.


Dagger Information 1936 Staff Chained Leader

In autumn 1936 the NPEA staff dagger was upgraded by the addition of a plain double chain hanger made from nickel solver or aluminum rings, identical to the Luftwaffe 1935 dagger.

The simple plain staff dagger scabbard was replaced with the chained NSKK style scabbard, complete with three scabbard fittings.

These daggers were made in low volume as there was only about 500 permanent teaching staff in the NPEA.

Some NPEA daggers appear to have been married with the SA, SS or NSKK scabbard, this may be because the staff leaders will have held rank in these organizations as well as the NPEA.