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National Socialist Flying Corps [Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps (NSFK)]

The NSFK was a para-military organization formed in April 1937, to replace the German Air Sports Formation (DLV), which was dissolved in order to bring all civilian aviation activities under Nazi control.

This transition represented yet another example of Hitler extending the influence of his powerful Reich into every facet of civilian life within Germany. General der Flieger Friedrich Christiansen was the founder and NSFK Korpsführer

The primary functions of the NSFK were to organize the pre-military training of the personnel destined for the Luftwaffe, in particular the members of the flying section of the Hitler Youth, and to continue to promote air-mindedness among the civilian population. At the numerous technical schools of the NSFK, courses were taught which included theoretical and practical instruction in the construction of gliders, radiotelegraph, and radiotelephone.

Upon the outbreak of WWII, the NSFK assumed the additional responsibility of training fixed-wing pilots, glider pilots, and parachutists.

Dagger Information – NSFK Knife

The NSFK knife was officially adopted in April 1937 for wear by all personal of the NSFK.

Old stocks of the earlier DLV knife were reissued to the NSFK with the addition of the NSFK scabbard inspection stampings. So with this it is possible to find them with both markings.

The knife continued to be produced until 1944, a total over 150,000 then being in circulation.

Edited by Bruce Petrin