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Note: This NSKK Marine dagger has been personalized.

Organistion Information - National Socialist Motor Corps (Marine)

[Nationalsozialistisches Kraftfahrkorps (NSKK)]

The NSKK had a division which organised and managed transport for the NSDAP and the Wehrmacht on rivers and waterways through out Germany.

Part of its other duties were the security of these waterways in conjunction with the Police.

For more information on the NSKK, refer to the section on NSKK 1933 EM dagger.


Dagger Information NSKK Marine

This dagger was authorized for wear in 1933. A variation was issued in 1936. 

The motto on the dagger blade was the same as on the SA blade, "Alles fur Deutschland".

The dagger, scabbard and blade were the same as the SA EM dagger.

The scabbard and cross guard fittings were gilded which was more appropriate for wear with the Naval style uniform.

For more information on the basic elements of this dagger, refer to the NSKK 1933 EM dagger