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The above dagger is a "Partial Rohm" as only the name of Ernst Rohm has been removed.


Organisation Information - SA Rohm Honour Dagger

In 1934 it was decided to issue a "SA Honour Dagger" to members of the SA and SS who had been members of the service prior to 3rd December 1931.

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Dagger Information - SA 1934 Rohm Honour Dagger

The dagger is identical to the standard SA dagger except for the etched dedication on the reverse of the dagger blade. Refer to the SA 1934 Standard Dagger for more information on the basic dagger.

The etched dedication was from Ernst Rohm and read "In Herzlicher Freundshaft, Ernst Rohm" (In Cordial Comradeship, Ernst Rohm).

After June 30th 1934 when Ernst Rohm and many of the SA leaders were executed or arrested in "The Night of the Long Knives", an SA order was issued stating that the etching was to be removed from the blade or the dagger disposed of.

If the SA Rohm Honour dagger was not modified or destroyed, severe punishment would be handed out to offending members. Many SA and SS members had the name of Ernst Rohm ground off the blade (partial Rohm dagger). Some SA and SS members did not have the etching removed, these are called "full Rohm" daggers.

About 126,000 of these daggers were produced with most available today being the  "partial Rohm" daggers, the "full Rohm" daggers being much more difficult to find.

It is worth noting that these daggers are commonly faked by modifying standard SA or SS daggers and adding the dedication to the reverse of the blade.