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We would like to thank Gailen David of  and Bill Shea of for the use of their imgaes in this section.

Featured Buckles & Belts

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Army Enlisted Man
Fire Officer
Luftwaffe Buckle & Brocade Belt

Police Officer


Description Obverse Reverse   Description Obverse Reverse
Algemeine SS   DAK
Army Late Combat   Early Flying Buckle
Army Officer, Brocade Belt   Early Hitler Youth
Hitler Youth   Early NSBO
Hitler Youth Dress Buckle   Early NSBO
Nickel Hitler Youth Leader   NSBO & Belt
Hitler Youth Leader   NSBO
Hitler Youth Variant   Naval Offiicer
Luftwaffe Combat   Fireman Buckle
Luftwaffe Officer Parade   Miners Buckle
Luftwaffe Other ranks   Political Leader
Luftwaffe Other ranks   Political Leader
Luftwaffe Tropical   RAD (2 piece)
Police Belt & Buckle   RAD (Alloy)
Police Enlisted Man   RAD General
Police Officer   RAD Other Ranks
Red X Enlisted Man   RAD
RLB   Railway
RLB   Railway Officer
SS Alloy   Railway Officer
SS   Railway
SS Officer Steel   Stalhelm
SS Police Officer   Water Police