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We would like to thank Gailen David of  and Bill Shea of for the use of their images in this section.

Schirmmutze & Visors & Caps

Descrption View 1 View 2 View 3 View 4
Army 1934 Cap Gerbirgsjager
Fire Police Extramutze (private purchase)
Luftwaffe Extramutze (private purchase)
Army Schirmmutze - Upgrade from Other Ranks to Officer

Customs Officer Schirmmutze
Forestry Officer Schirmmutze
Forestry Subordinate Schirmmutze
Luftwaffe Civil Fire Officer Schirmmutze
Luftwaffe Flight Officer Extrammutze (private purchase)
Luftwaffe Flak Other Ranks Schirmmutze
Luftwaffe Flight Officer Schirmmutze
Luftwaffe Signals Schirmmutze
Luftwaffe Summer Issue Schirmmutze
Postal Schirmmutze
Postal Officer Schirmmutze
Railway Schirmmutze
Early RLB Schirmmutze
SS Allgemeine Schirmmutze
Veterans Association Visor