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We would like to thank Bill Shea of for the use of their images in this section.


Descrption View 1 View 2 View 3 View 4
Army Artillery Cap
Army Girbirgsjager Cap 1934
Medical Officer Cap 1938

Veterans Association Cap NO PIC
Coastal Artillery Cap
Hitler Youth Officer Cap NO PIC
Hitler Youth Summer Cap
Luftwaffe 1943 Cap
Luftwaffe Tropical 1941
Luftwaffe tropical Cap NO PIC
Naval Coastal Artillery Cap
Police Birgmutze
Red Cross cap

Shako & Kappi

Descrption View 1 View 2 View 3 View 4
Police Shako
Municipal Police Shako other ranks
Municipal Police Shako
Rural Police Shako enlisted man
Rural Police Shako Officer
SA Kappi Berlin Brandenburg
SA Kappi Ostmark


Description View 1 View 2   Description View 1 View 2
Army 1935 single decal    Luftwaffe double decal
Army double decal   Luftschultz Helmet
Luftwaffe 1940 combat helmet   Police 1934 single decal
Luftwaffe 1942 double decal combat helmet   Police 1940 double decal combat helmet