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Panzer's of the Wehrmacht


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Panzer Divisional Markings
Divisions 1 to 3 Divisions 3 to 7 Divisions 7 to 12 Divisions 12 to 20
Schwere & Stug Abteilung  
Panzer Tanks
Panzer I Panzer II Panzer III Panzer IV


Tank Destroyers
Marder I Marder II Marder III Panzerjager I
Assault Guns & Self Propelled Artillery
Wespe Hummel Grille Panzerwerfer

Articles on Panzer History and Developement

Weapons of the Panzers Panzer Designations General Statistics Tank Development upto1939
Panzer Awards

25 Combats

50 Combats

75 Combats

100 Combats

Bronze Award

Silver Award