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Quick Reference Guide

(NOTE : EM stands for "Enlisted Man")

This Gallery is designed so that anyone who needs to identify a German Dress Dagger can quickly find the relevant Gallery page on this site.

Select any of the pictures below to be linked to the relevant Dagger Gallery page.



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Dagger Gallery

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Army (Heer)

Luftwaffe Type 1

Luftwaffe Type 2

Kriegsmarine Type 1

Kriegsmarine Type 2

Kriegsmarine Imperial.

SA 1933 EM

SA Marine

SA Felderrnhalle


SS 1933 EM


SS Chained Leader


NSKK Chained Leader

NPEA Student

NPEA Chained Leader

HJ Knife

HJ Leader

HJ Student Bund

DLV Long Dagger

DLV Flyers Knife


NSFK Flyers Knife


Government Official


Diplomatic Officer

Red Cross EM Hewer

Red Cross Leader

Social Welfare Officer

Fire Official

Water Protection

RLB Knife

RLB Leader

Teno EM Hewer

Teno Officer

Land Customs

Water Customs

Railway Leader 1st Model


Railway Leader 2nd Model

Railway Water Protection

RAD EM Hewer

RAD Leader

SA Rohm Honour

SS Rohm Honour

SS Himmler Honour

Postal Protection

Hunting Association

Rifle Association

HJ DJ Knife

SA High Leader Honour

Foresters Dagger

SA Presentation

SS Honour

SA Honour